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I'm Anne-Marie, the artist behind Panthera Sculptures. I need to start by saying: I’m not used to talking about myself but I’ll do my best! I am an introvert by nature and I struggle with social anxiety. I find solace in the art that I create and it makes me want to open up to people more and share my passions. 


My love for animals and art started at a young age. I can’t remember a time in my life where art and creativity wasn’t present. I’ve been drawing since forever and I know cats were among the first subjects of my very first doodles and drawings. I remember always being eager to learn about animals. I was excited to know more about them and found them fascinating and beautiful and I always wanted to draw them. I am also passionate about art, video games and movies but the natural world always was the spark that lit my passion for art making. I never went to art school, I learned through exploration and practice and reading art books. I’m grateful for my parents that always supported me during my art career, they’ve always been very supportive and kept pushing me to keep creating. Whatever the medium I used at that time.


My interest in sculpting started in 2011, where I got some air dry clay and made a figurine of my cat. I then discovered polymer clay and never stopped sculpting since. I love experimenting and testing out new materials and I always feel like I’m learning! I started taking commissions of people’s pets and slowly gathered experience. My work has been commissioned internationally for over 10 years now and I'm thrilled to be able to create artwork that brings joy and sometimes comfort to others.

Sharing some photos of Molly and me in her honor. She's at the rainbow bridge now since 2020 and I miss her so much. ❤

artist Anne-Marie sculpting
artist Anne-Marie and her dog
artist Anne-Marie and her dog
Artist Anne-Marie and her dog

I don't often share photos of myselft but if one of my pets is with me, I will! ☻

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