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One of a kind full body sculpture !

Hand sculpted over a wire armature for support and meticulously painted with acrylics.




I offer a payment plan on all my sculptures if desired!


*The costs will be higher than what is listed for human characters and complex pieces.*

Fill out this form for an exact price:

These are approximatif, they're just to give you an idea of the sizes.

Small ( around 4 inches )

Animals only


250 - 300 +

Medium ( 5 to 6 inches )

Animals only


300 - 350$ +

Large ( 7 to 8 inches )

Animals and humans


400 - 500$ +



I also offer different kind of bases if you want one with your sculpture! Made of pine or oak. I can also create detailed bases with realistic bushes, turf and water effects! The prices depends on the size of the piece.

Natural wooden bases

Pine = 5-10$                               Oak = 20 - 30$

Colourful bases with custom pattern

Made with pine or maple wood = 25$

I also offer fun and colourful bases! You can choose from many different colours and patterns. :)

Detailed bases

Starting at 50$

Plus Shipping


All packages are shipped with canada post and come with tracking number and insurance!

Canada = 15-20$ 


United States = For small and medium sculptures: about 30-40$

Large sculptures: 50-60$


Europe = 50-80$ depeding on where you are!

Thanks for looking! And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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